ic12 Injector Cleaner Information

ic12 Cleaner for LPG, Autogas, Propane and Methane gas components.

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ic12 is a high performance super concentrated LPG Injector Lubricant and Cleaner. It is proven to dissolve heavy build up inside injectors and will help restore previously lost performance.

ic12 can be used to clean and lubricate other parts of the LPG or Methane system such as pressure regulator / reducer or solenoid valves.

This is a super concentrated solution ideal for cleaning small parts like injectors and piston rings whilst the parts are in use.

The formula has been developed over many years and is proven to work on dissolving grime accumulation and also heavy end build up that traditionally would necessitate changing the actual injector.

  • Incredibly quick and easy to use

  • Over 85% success rate

  • Very affordable

  • Dissolves heavy end build up

  • Lubricates rubber seals

  • Cleans injectors and metallic parts

 In over 85% of cases ic12 is able to return the original performance of the injectors thus avoiding expensive repairs or replacement costs.

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ic12 was tested and is safe to use on all LPG and Methane vapour injection brands of systems to name few OMVL , REG, Zavoli , HL propane , Magic , Keihin , Hana , Baracuda , Landi / Landi-Renzo, Zavoli pan , AEB , Valtek , Rail , Matrix , AG , Nicholson Mclaren , Volvo , Ford , Vauxhall and others.

Please Note: This product is unable to repair damage that has already been caused and will not cause further damage.