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Gas bottle adaptor for filling LPG Propane


Product Description

Gas bottle adaptor for filling LPG Propane

Lpg bottle filling adapter

Buy today and start saving BIG on LPG Propane refills of orange cylinders

Used for filling up orange or grey lpg bottles that are fitted with REVERSE thread as per picture.

The bottles are used for cooking or heating at home, in campers or outside in the likes of barbecues or garden heaters.

This item comes complete with in-build safety one way valve and an adapter that allows to fill bottles in UK and Holland. For other countries please purchase specific adapters.

This is ONLY PURPOSE MADE UNIT available for sale on the market! 

This Gas bottle adaptor for filling LPG Propane unit is compatible with ALL of our adapter range and is manufactured exclusively for us.

If you travelling abroad and have cylinders in your camper or motorhome then why not purchase full european kit. Please click HERE for LPG bottle adapter filling propane cylinders EU KIT

If travelling abroad you will also need our European adapter set or feel free to buy Ultimate adapter combo.


Would it fit my bottle?

– If your bottle has reverse thread then this adapter will be suitable.

Does it stop when full?

-No it does not.

How much do I fill the bottle?

– Starting from empty, ALWAYS, assume LPG is 0.5 kg / Litre, never exceed 80% capacity. For example 13.4kg bottle holds 26.8 Litres of LPG less safety volme of 20%. So the 13.4kg bottle should hold no more than 21.44 Litres of LPG from EMPTY.

Always use Personal Protective Equipment 

Manufacturer or seller do not accept any responsibility and / or liability for any injury, loss or damage caused by incorrect use and / or operation of this product. 




Additional Information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 10 x 15 x 15 cm