Euro Gas Bottle Adapter Autogas Dish
Euro Gas Bottle Adapter Autogas DishEuro Propane Bottle Adapter Autogas DishWLHT 21.8 TO DISH LPG ADAPTOR

Euro LPG Gas Bottle Adapter / Connector – WLHT21.8 to DISH LPG



Product Description

European LPG Gas Bottle to Autogas Dish Filling Adapter

Use this LPG BOTTLE CONNECTOR WLHT 21.8 TO DISH to refill Propane bottles found in 22 European countries. Fill up the lpg cylinder at Autogas stations equipped with Dish / Claw type filling nozzle.

No other units are required to fill.

Our lpg gas bottle filling valves adapters are fitted with a safety one way valve system, this stops accidental bottle discharge when releasing filling nozzle.

The propane bottles with this type of lpg gas valve fitting are usually found on the continent, although some have made their way over to the UK.

Standard Autogas LPG Dish Adapter on one end converts to W 21.8 LH left hand thread.

High Quality 100% made in Europe out of Brass, manufactured exclusively



European Travel Adapters
Country Type used Country Type used
Austria Acme & Dish Luxemburg Acme
Belgium Acme Macedonia Dish
Bosnia Herzegowina Dish Malta Dish
Bulgaria Dish Montenegro Dish
Croatia Dish Netherlands Bayonete
Czech Republic Dish Norway Bayonete & Dish
Denmark Bayonete & Dish Poland Dish
Estonia Dish Portugal Dish
France Acme & Dish Romania Dish
Germany Acme San Marino Dish
Greece Dish Serbia Dish
Hungary Dish Slovakia Dish
Ireland Acme Slovenia Dish
Italy Dish Spain Euronozzle
Kosovo Dish Sweden Dish
Latvia Dish Switzerland Acme
Lichtenstein Acme Ukraine Dish
Lithuania Dish U.K. Bayonete
Australia Acme USA Acme

Additional Information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 10 x 21 x 21 cm