omvl r90e r90 mixer single carburator reducer reduktor
omvl r90e r90 mixer single carburator reducer reduktor

OMVL R90 E single point mixer type OVER 5L reducer / vapouriser


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Product Description

OMVL single point reducer / vapouriser

R90E is a pressure reducer/vaporizer designed and developed by OMVL for LPG converting systems of petrol feeded engines. It can be installed on all engines from 5000cc up to 8000cc.

It is a powerful heat exchanger which allows the proper functioning of the engine also in very low temperature sorroundings. It is approved in accordance with the present safety Regulation UNI/ECE 67R – 01.


GAS inlet:  Female junction for tube  Ø 6 mm

GAS outlet: 2 male junctions for frictioned rubber tube Ø int 19 mm

Inlet/Outlet cooling fluid: 2 male junction for frictioned rubber tube int Ø15 mm
In the box you will get .
– vaporizer
– manual
– fittings
– certificate of authenticity

Additional Information

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 9 x 15 cm