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KME Silver Reducer Vapouriser SGI 250BHP


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Product Description

 KME  Silver Reducer Vapouriser SGI 250BHP

The  KME  Silver Reducer Vapouriser SGI 250BHP reducer is made of high quality lightweight materials and is capable of producing steady 250bhp whilst maintaining steady pressure allowing linear fuel delivery.

Its max safe working pressure is around 2.6bar although we set them up at 1.2bar.

This regulator is suitable for use with forced fed engines ie. turbo.

It will work with most SGI kits on the market and with 5 inches in diameter it is one of the smallest out there.

In the box you get the KME silver reducer vapouriser, olives, filter and a mounting bracket and front shut off solenoid.

KME  Silver Reducer Vapouriser SGI 250BHP has LPG in 6mm diameter and out is 12 or 14mm please specify at checkout.

EU and UK approved for use with LPG. 67R

This KME  Silver Reducer Vapouriser SGI 250BHP is a high quality product and it performs this way.

We are THE ONLY OFFICIAL AND LICENSED KME DEALER IN UK. All our products come with warranty 24 months and full technical back up.

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 22 x 12 x 10 cm