Lpg autogas propane valve saver fluid icV flashlube jlm prins
Lpg autogas propane valve saver fluid icV flashlube jlm prinsBurnt valve as a result of lack of icV valve saver fluid

icV Valve Saver Fluid 1 Liter


Product Description

icV Valve Saver Fluid

icV  Valve Saver Fluid in a 1 litre bottle.

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Extremely heavy concentration for added valve protection.

This item provides an upper cylinder lubrication and helps in prevention of Valve Recession.

Valve Recession is usually associated with vehicles using LPG as a fuel.

Following years of development latest addition to LPG Cleaner range of products is the icV Valve Saver Fluid.

With the molecular structure specifically designed to adhere to metallic parts that are exposed to extreme condition during normal operating conditions of a modern engine, icV delivers extra protection through deposition of a firm layer of lubricant and shock damper fluid, to reduce or prolong valve seat recession problem.

This proven formula also contains a combination of additives that cleans fuel injectors & fuel systems, increases fuel economy and reduces emissions.

icV Valve Saver Fluid is safe to use in vehicles fitted with catalytic converters & oxygen sensors.

icV Valve Saver Fluid is essential for use in LPG, CNG and petrol powered vehicles, and can be directly injected by using any automatic lubrication kit. It cleans & lubricates the upper cylinder & creates a protective barrier between the valve & valve seat, keeping valves & seats cool.


Made in UK, 100% European Product, PONI

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 10 cm