Ic12 lpg propane autogas cleaner service fix prins valtek landi hana magic
injector cleaner ic12 50ml lpg Autogaslpg autogas propane injector piston before use of ic12lpg autogas propane injector piston after use of ic12lpg autogas propane injector jet and piston before use of ic12lpg autogas propane injector jet after use of ic12

ic12 LPG Autogas Injector Cleaner 50ml


Product Description

ic12 LPG Autogas Injector cleaner 50ml

ic12 LPG Autogas injector cleaner and lubricant for 4 cylinder cars 50ml.

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Tested on all lpg injectors to date including naming just a few Keihin , Valtek , Magic Jet , Matrix , Rail , AG ,  Hana and others.c

The most common failure found in LPG converted vehicles these days is associated with ‘dirty gas’. This is caused by the heavy ends, which are in honey like form, sticking, clogging and unbalancing moving components found in modern day LPG autogas injection systems and causing failure which is manifested by rough running engine and/or engine management light coming on.

The IC12 Fluid was developed over the years as a need for a quick and efficient way of dislodging the heavy ends in LPG.

The IC12 Injector Cleaner does 2 things, firstly it dilutes and dislodges the heavy ends then the second stage of remoisturizing rubber seals, takes place.

Before you spend £000 having your lpg system repaired try IC12 as an 85% success rate was proven.

The IC12 will NOT fix an already damaged unit.

In some rare cases the buildup of sludge can act as a seal its removal can expose true damage and misfire can become more severe.

Very Easy To Apply, just pour the fluid in the low pressure lpg line, and let it work through the system.

Always check for leaks with leak tester fluid after any alterations to the LPG system.

Regular use reduces wear and lubricates thus increasing the life cycle of components

Change of filters after the application is advisable.

We are the UK’s ic fluids stockists.

EU and UK approved for use with LPG. 67R

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Made in UK, 100% European Product. PONI.

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Dimensions 12 x 8 x 5 cm