8mm 90deg Filler UK Bayonet
8mm 90deg Filler UK Bayonetdutch filler set propane autogasmotorhome filling point lpg gpl standard lock lock square dust cap for dutch filler set propane autogas

8mm 90deg Filler UK Bayonete


Lpg Brass filler 8mm 90 degrees bend

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Product Description

8mm 90deg Filler UK Bayonete

Lpg bayonet type filler, with 8mm olive type 90 degrees end.

This is a standard filler used through out UK.

This is used to fill up your LPG / propane / autogas tank in UK using bayonet type gun.

Also used in Motorhomes and campers equivalent Gaslow Part

Pictures 2&3 are items you might find useful in your installation, picture 2 is standard Uk filler box and picture 3 are dust caps.

Holes required for mounting are 32mm x 1 plus 4 x 5mm.

Built in one way valve.

High Quality European Product

67R – Approval

Additional Information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 x 5 x 10 cm