lpg filter 12x16 Autogas Injector Cleaner
lpg filter 12×16 Autogas Injector Cleaner

12mm x 16mm filter, clips and ic12 100ml combo


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Is your LPG car running lumpy and juddering?

Maybe all it needs is a little TLC?

Up for sale Is 1 bottle of 100ml ic12 LPG injector cleaner / lubricant and 12 x 16 filter with quality clips. This fits any system with filters of size in and out of around 11 – 12 mm and 15 – 16 mm.

Often dirty particles can get caught inside your injectors.  The ic12 solution should clean them out and leave your vehicle running much better.

50ml bottle treats 4 cylinder cars.  For 6-8 cylinder cars please purchase the 100ml bottle.

The most common failure found in lpg vehicles these days is associated with ‘dirty gas’. This is caused by the heavy ends, which are in honey like form, sticking, clogging and unbalancing moving components found in modern day LPG injection systems and causing failure which is manifested by rough running engine and/or engine management light coming on.

The ic12 Fluid was developed over the years as a need for a quick and efficient way of dislodging the heavy ends in lpg araised.

The ic12 Injector Cleaner does 2 things, firstly it dislodges and dilutes the heavy ends then the second stage of remoisturising rubber seals takes place.

 Before you spend £000 having your lpg system repaired try IC12 as an 85% success rate was proven.

ic12 will NOT worsen the damage but it will also NOT fix an already damaged unit.

Very Easy To Apply, just pour the fluid in the low pressure lpg line, and let it work through the system.

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