Service Kits

LPG service filters and repair kits.

All LPG autogas systems need regular servicing and maintenance in order to keep them safe and maintaining their peak working performance.

Part of servicing of LPG Propane system is filter replacement.

Usually there are 2 filters, vapour and liquid state lpg.

In here you will find service kits specially put together for moder LPG Sequential Gas Injections systems that are currently on the market.

The filters offer high level of filtration, 2 micron and are synthetic not paper types. They should be changed every 10 000 miles or 16 000 kms.

Ic12 is the excellent cleaner keeping performance of autogas injectors always at the top.

To select the correct kit for your system, remove old filter and measure the ends then look up a kit that fits. If for example you have 11mm or 14mm filter please select a 12mm or 16mm replacement kits.

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