Injector Spares

LPG autogas injector spares.

On average LPG autogas injectors are rated for up to 60 000 miles or 100 000 km of lifespan. this does not mean that the injector its going to stop working at that mileage but more of an indicator for expectancy rate. Premature failure of propane or CNG injector can be put down into couple of things, firstly the heavy ends / dirty fuel, incorrect cylinder sizing in accordance with manufacturer’s specified opening rate and manufacturing defects.

If you find yourself with a faulty or broken down injector, some of the top brands like OMVL, Westport, Magic, MED, Landi or hana offer repair kits which can be a financially viable solution to sometimes expensive replacement. Before replacing any parts be sure to be satisfied with correct diagnosis, in majority of cases a single application of ic12 injector cleaner offers immediate results.

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